Climb-Out is proud to be the sole UK distributor for Outrage RC products and accessories.

Taken from the Outrage RC website here is what Outrage themselves have to say about their brand:

“Passion, Performance, Unmatched Quality & Precision - these are the key ideas that drive us at Outrage RC, and with every design brought forth, we infuse our heart & soul into these fundamental elements of RC helicopter design.

Simply put, RC helicopters can be found just about everywhere this day & age. At Outrage RC, we are not here to design yet another product within the market place - we are here to carve a new path in the way RC helicopter flight is pursued, and with the passion that infuses each product we bring forth, it is our ultimate goal as a company to bring a new level of performance that has yet to be seen before.

At Outrage RC, we employ our top team of pilots & engineers to take our designs to new heights & beyond. We look at every angle, test every option, and when we think we have found what’s needed, we simply make it better. Helicopter flight is our passion, and every design makes it known.

For pilots looking for the next step, you have just found your start. Outrage RC is here to bring a new element of performance to the RC helicopter scene, and we truly hope you will join us as we take to the skies above.”


Outrage don’t just produce helicopters but also have a range of high performance servos and mufflers as can be seen below.

Outrage Velocity 50

The airframe is light yet strong, and will take all the punishment you throw at it. The helicopoter is highly tunable to suit your flying style. It is precise yet quick and responsive to follow your every command. From the fully programmable rotor head to the full metal tail unit with torque tube drive - this helicopter has it all. Not only that, but the kit includes (as standard) a Outrage Hyper Rage 50 pipe - perfectly matched to all 50 class engines.










Outrage Velocity 90

Ultra rigid CNC rotor head design features:

• Fully adjustable rotor head ratios for Beginner to Advanced 3D or FAI/F3C flying

Triple radial and single thrust bearing per main blade grip
90 degree achievable geometry with all grip ratios
Ball raced spindle driver for precision flap control
Dual ball bearing seesaw support
Ball raced washout base for slop free phasing
Ball raced radius arms

• 120/140 degree Swash plate features double ball bearing with Interchangeable swash plate upper cup for flybar or flybarless head

Ultra rigid and compact frame design features:

Ball raced anti-rotation “A” arm control on elevator
Dual ball raced and bridged clutch bearing block
Triple main shaft bearings
Gyro compartment for increased protection
Flexible electronics mounting options
Injection molded plastic canopy break always
Collarless main shaft locking design

• Counter balanced fuel tank design with easy serviceable external fuel fittings

3 piece engine mount design for easy install/removal
Large heavy duty clutch system
Front and Rear frame doublers for increased frame strength
Rigid mount boom support design
Adjustable servo mount for all servo ports

• Bell crank zero pitch alignment system with locking tools for easy and accurate servo to swash linkage setup

Ultra compact high volume cooling system
140 degree CCPM (Optional)

• Individually removable and replaceable torque tube gears

Ultra compact tail rotor system:

Semi enclosed all CNC tail case and hub
Single side plate for easy gear access and reduced parts count
6mm tail shaft
Individually removable and replaceable bevel gears
Ball raced double hinged precision tail system
Double ball raced grip links

• Double ball raced with thrust bearing Tail blade Grips

Fusion 50

Outrage’s newest model is their 600 sized electric model, details below:


Fully adjustable head allowing multiple setups from high stability to maximum agility making it perfect for the beginner to advanced pilot
CNC 7075-T651 American alloy on critical head support parts requiring ultra rigidity
CNC 6061-T651 American alloy for head parts requiring stability
Dual ball raced seesaw support in center hub
Dual ball raced radius arms for precision control
Extra long washout base for increased lever stability
Dual ball raced 120/140 CCPM swash plate
Achievable pitch range of +15/-15 degrees of pitch
High quality screw hardware
10mm Hollow hardened main shaft
8mm Spindle shaft
Stainless steel 4.75mm OD Linkage balls.
One piece dampers
All parts are run on brand new Ultra High precision 5-axis CNC machines









Ultra compact frame technology for superior frame rigidity
CNC 6061-T651 American alloy main shaft bearing blocks and mechanics
High quality fiber reinforced injection molded plastics
High quality screw hardware
Multiple Electronic placement options
Adjustable servo mounts for various size and brand servos
Adjustable drive train for optional gear ratios
Ultra high strength injection molded drive gears
Zero pitch alignment points for easy head setup
Optimal servo positions for increased accuracy in control
Break-away canopy tabs
Component positions mounted high in frame enhancing axial CG for improved 3D reactions
Tail servo semi concealed within the frames for a compact look
Motor mount for 25 and 30mm M3 bolt spacing, ties into main bearing block
Motor shaft pinion support for 5mm and 6mm shafts (changable bearing for 6mm)
Frame support bracket around the motor for strength
The electronics tray includes wire guides for a clean installation
New improved one way bearing assemblyv 0.8 Mod strong main gear
Kit includes 12T, 14T, 16T 0.8M pinions (5mm shafts)
Pinions for 5 and 6mm shafts available as spare parts (5mm: 11-16T, 6mm: 12-16T)
Battery tray removable for fast battery changes; suitable for 6 - 12 cell battery packs
Wide variety of usable motor KV’s and motor dimensions
One piece plastic base tray
All parts are run on brand new Ultra High precision 5-axis CNC machines




















Torq Servos

The Outrage Torq BL9180 cyclic servo is one of the most advanced servos on the market. If you are a pilot demanding the fastest in response time combined with high torque look no further. The utilization of a brushless motor ensures the ultimate in reliability with super fast response times, smooth operation and vibration resistance. The gear train is titanium coated for strength and durability.And the first two gears are helical cut for less slop and better power transfer down the gear train. All this is enclosed in a cnc machined,anodized case which offers superior stability and robustness. The BL9180 was designed from the outset to function on 5.2 volts all the way up to 8.4 volts (unregulated 2S lithium). This allows a very light and compact installation with no regulator. The speed and torque of this servo will match and exceed any requirements on today’s high performance 3D helicopters.

Enter the world of the all new Outrage TORQ BL9188 Brushless High Voltage Servo - one of the most advanced servos on the market today. If you are a pilot demanding the fastest in response time, combined with high torque, look no further than the Outrage TORQ BL9188.
The utilization of a brushless motor (compared to long used brushed motors in many other servos) ensures the ultimate in reliability with lighning fast response times, and smooth operation & vibration resistance. Adding to this, the gear train is titanium coated for strength and durability, allowing the servos to be pushed harder & faster in all regimes of 3D flight.
Featuring Helical Gears in the first two gears of the servo, this Helical Gear setup allows for less slop and greater power transfer down the gear train, which improves centering and overall functionality. Simply put, your servos center better, holding your helicopter exactly where it should be throughout every crucial maneuver.
With brushless power, titanium coated gears and a helical gear set, the TORQ servos are built within a CNC machined aluminum case for maximum strength & durability. Anodized in a beautiful red case with laser etching, Outrage TORQ servos not only perform amazingly well, but look the part within your helicopter. Perfomance like this is simply hard to miss, and Outrage makes it easy for your competition to see what you have in store at the flight line.
The BL9188 Tail Servo and BL9180 Cyclic Servo are designed from the outset to function on 5.2 volts, all the way up to 8.4 volts (unregulated 2S Lithium Polymer Batteries). This High Voltage setup allows a very light and compact installation with no regulator needed - simply plug in your 7.4V LiPo receiver battery, and these High Voltage servos are ready to perform ast their maximum limit.
The BL9188 utilizes a center pulse width of 760 micro seconds, which ensures compatibility with today’s top end gyros, allowing super fast response times with absolute precision - all of this while still recording amazing torque values of greater than 91 oz. in. at 8.4 volts.










Evo Mufflers


1. Increased horse power over competitive tuned systems
2. Better fuel economy due to high efficiency
3. Excellent engine Idle with quick response and acceleration throughout engine RPM Range
4. Low Noise without reduction of horse power or exhaust volume
5. Light weight and compact size to help reduce balance issues

Special Features

1. No power loss due to one piece pipe construction, so no leaking o-rings or decaying support grommets which robs power and increases maintenance costs.
2. Steel threaded mounting flange inserts for stronger screw thread retention. (Not required On YS91 series pipes)
3. Two exhaust pressure ports for better hose routing, Plugs included if ports not needed (Not required On YS91 series pipes)
4. Incredibly durable high temp Silicon rubber exhaust deflector










Hyper Rage Muffler

In addition to the EVO range Outrage supply the Hyper Rage muffler for outstanding performance and value on your OS 55, YS56, OS91 and YS91 engines.

Featuring 50% crash replacement warranty and extraction of maximum power whilst keeping noise to a minimum.