Synergy R/C Helicopters offer a premium range of high performance helicopters suited to the F3C and 3D flier. Built to be of the highest quality, robust and with ease of maintenance in mind.

Synergy currently produce three helicopters but there are a further three prototypes in testing that will be released very shortly. The current production models are the Synergy N9, Synergy N5 and the Synergy E9.

Synergy N5


  • 120 degree push/pull control system w/ single axis bell crank shaft
  • Main Gear Ratio – 8.5:1
  • Tail Gear Ratio – 4.66:1
  • Main Rotor Diameter: 1355mm (with 600mm main blades, will accept 620mm blades)
  • Tail Rotor: 245mm
  • Programmable Rotor Head will suit pilots from beginner to competition
  • Collective Pitch Range +/-14.5 Degrees
  • Pinch style CNC fan hub for easy “no dial” installation
  • Tail hub designed with dual radial AND thrust bearing on each tail blade grip
  • 10mm hollow main shaft / 8mm solid head axle
  • 425cc (14.5 ounce) Fuel Tank
  • Designed with ease of maintenance and setup in mind
  • Modular servo and radio trays allow for very clean radio installation
  • Same sleek canopy as the N9, just smaller


Synergy N9




Synergy E9


  • Frames, motor mount, side motor mount bracing, upper bearing block
  • Ready for high output 450kv – 560kv motors
  • N9 Mod 1 main gear stands up to over 6000 watts of power


Coming Soon

In development is the Synergy E6 which is an all new 50 electric model based on the Synergy N5. There are not many details for this model so far but we do have some pictures and flight video displaying the capability of the model and the general layout.


Additional to the Synergy E6 there is also the new Synergy N5C. Again there are few details available for this model other than it builds upon the success of the Synergy N5 but is a lighter more compact model and utilises a torque tube tail drive instead of belt. This may make the heli more suited towards a smackdown style of flying.