Wish you could tidy the sim leads away?

The SIMSTICK can be plugged into the PC at the back and everything tucked away OUT OF SIGHT!
Do you have a DX7 SE and wish it would connect to your sim?

The DX7 Se has no trainer port, which means up until now you could not plug in a sim lead into it. Now you can!
Got a big screen TV and want to use your RC Flight Sim?

As you need no wires using the SIMSTICK you can be as far away from the screen as you want.
Do you like new gadgets?

We do! That’s why we made the SIMSTICK

SIMSTICK ia a great looking USB interface device that will allow you to connect to your PC without using the wires. Anytime you want to use your simulator just turn on your transmitter and it will instantly connect. There is no appreciable loss in latency and it will even allow you to fly with transmitters that do not have a trainer port (i.e. DX7 SE).

Whether you are a RC helicopter or plane pilot there are many advantages to practicing on an RC flight simulator. The only pain is the lead you connect to your PC, it gets under your feet, looks messy and it’s never there when you need it, so why not tidy it away?
Simstick is compatible with most Spektrum based radios including the DX8 and the majority of 6 channel receivers with a narrow pin spacing.

SIMSTICK enables you to connect to your RC Flight Sim with NO WIRES!