Phoenix RC Simulator, launched in 2006 has become the World’s leading Simulator, quite simply no other product offers the same combination of features, performance and value.

At £79.99 Phoenix offers unrivalled value for both novices and experts, whether fixed wing or helicopter.


An overview of Phoenix World beating features:

  • Over 150 Models!
  • Phoenix includes all styles of helicopters, airplanes, amphibious models, autogyros, tilt-rotors and more. Our models are setup by established experts - many by the actual model designers or official pilots. Phoenix is also the only R/C flight simulator to include official versions of E-Flite, JR, ParkZone and Hangar 9 models
  • Over 25 different flying sites
  • Fly on club-fields, air-strips, slope-soaring sites, water scenes and a range of exotic locations from around the world, all using our high-definition panoramic technology which gives you photo-realism and great performance on a huge range of computers.
  • Next Generation photo-realistic graphics engine
  • Phoenix’s advanced rendering engine makes you feel like you are right on the field with advanced lighting and smoke effects, moving control surfaces, realistic-looking spinning rotors and props and cutting-edge techniques such as High Dynamic Range rendering and night-light glows - and our efficient engine means you don’t need a cutting-edge system to enjoy them.
  • Dedicated Training Modes make learning easy
  • Phoenix features a great selection of dedicated modes for training and learning new techniques - use our Hover trainer, Prop-hang trainer, unique auto-rotation and spot-landing trainers to improve your skills, or browse through our library of tutorial videos with full voice commentary, flown by expert pilots.
  • Exciting Competition Modes
  • Perfect your skills with our fun and exciting competitions, including Balloon Bursting, Streamer Cutting, Lazer Combat and many more. Compete solo in High-Score or Challenge modes, or online with up to three other pilots over the internet.
  • Fully featured On-line Multiplayer
  • Fly with and learn from other pilots around the World with our fully-featured Internet/LAN multi-pilot mode - including full voice-chat facility.
  • Detailed Professional Customisation system
  • Phoenix’s customisation options let you edit any model to fly exactly as you wish, while still being easy-to-use. All available options are fully explained, and our unique “Model Setup” wheel makes adjusting a model to be more or less difficult to fly as simple as possible. Use our advanced “In-Flight Tuning” system to make changes to a model while you fly.
  • New Content released for free download regularly
  • Use our Automatic Updates system to download new models, flying sites and program updates which are released for free on a regular basis. Expand your Phoenix experience with the latest cutting-edge models as soon as they come out.
  • New and Unique Computer controlled ‘Buddies’
  • New to version 3.0 - add and configure up to three computer-controlled AI “Buddies” which will fly around you intelligently and perform a repetoire of exciting manoeuvres that you can watch and learn from.
  • Our Most User friendly interface ever
  • The Phoenix User-Interface is one of the most user-friendly systems available in an R/C simulator. With a huge amount of on-screen help and tips, step-by-step wizards and full multi-language support, you will find using Phoenix an incredibly easy and rewarding experience.