Spin Matt Black 700mm

Spin Matt Black 700mm

Over a year ago, the vision to create something special and extraordinary, something that has not existed before.

"Matt-black" is the idea ...... We sometimes simply the question: "What color is associated with the attributes: violent, crass, powerful, strong, evil, dark, fast ... you know what I mean, I think we come to a common denominator and that is" BLACK. "So far so good, but what is the increase in black?
I think this may be only one:
Dark things are really blatant violent "matte black" (to quote Matt Finke)

So the idea was born, but the road was long and full of challenges. It was built about 40 prototypes and tested more than 8 months of the best pilots in the scene. The result is unique. It is designed around 3D flying with helicopters of the 90 class has been developed which are equipped with FBL systems. Of course, the matte-black and all other approved leaves of SpinBlades exclusively with aerospace materials are built.
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