Scorpion 59V 14s Esc

The Scorpion Programming Module is included with every Commander ESC at no extra charge!

Scorpion Commander Series Brushless Speed Controllers represent one of the best values in the speed controller market today. From the beautiful gold anodized heatsinks, to the unique metal containers that the ESC's are shipped in, everything about Scorpion Speed Controllers shows the company's commitment to quality. These ESC's are manufactured from top quality components, in a state of the art manufacturing facility, and are designed to provide years of trouble free operation.


Unlike other ESC manufacturers, who require you to buy an add-on programming module to gain full functionality of the controller, Scorpion provides a full feature Programming Card with EVERY speed controller sold, at No Extra Charge! The adjustable parameters on every Scorpion ESC include: Battery Type, Cell Count, Low Voltage Cut-off Level, Power Cut-off Type, Current Overload Protection, Braking Level, Acceleration Time Delay, PWM Frequency Selection, Timing Advance and Motor Rotation. 


Scorpion Speed Controllers also include all of the ESC parameters clearly labeled on the heat shrink assembly. Voltage range, current rating, BEC rating, Ni-XX and Li-Po cell count and input polarity are all clearly marked to avoid any confusion. Scorpion Commander Series Speed Controllers are also backed by a 1 year manufacturers warranty against defects in materials and workmanship, for complete details, please see our Product Warranty Page. For a total package of Quality, Performance and Value, use Scorpion Brushless Speed Controllers.


Scorpion 14s 160amp Opto ESC


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