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Synergy E5 Coming Soon!

The E5 is one of only a few “true” 550 class helicopters which can swing 550mm blades right out of the box. The large disk size provides the stability and “pop” most pilots are looking for in a high performance helicopter. The E5 was also designed with a path for growth in mind. The E5 can be configured as a 6S 550 class helicopter which is perfect for the budget minded pilot that still wants a high performance helicopter but does not want to spend a lot on batteries. Since the E5 battery compartment can handle virtually any battery configuration and the motor mount can accept a variety of motor choices, the E5 can easily be converted into a 12S 550 class helicopter or stretched with existing parts into a 12S 600 class helicopter. The E5 is a true modelers helicopter which gives you the options needed to build and fly how you choose.

Expected Delivery: Beginning Jan 2013

Outrage Bevel Gear Retrofit Kit SA00504A are now in stock for F50/V50N1&2







Outrage has now released the new bevel gear Retrofit kit for Outrage Fusion 50 and Velocity 50 N1 & N2.

The new gears have a different design when compared to the original & have made the gears significantly larger, utilizing all available space in the front boom mount and tail case. These gears are not only larger, but stronger as well, designed to handle the power generated by today’s generation of 12s power systems in the Fusion 50, and new 60 size engines in the Velocity 50N series.

RRP £27.98

Climb Out are now distributing THOR Balance Boards & Connectors

Climb Out are pleased to be distributing THOR boards and connectors.  We now have in stock a range of THOR accessories for charging and balancing your lipos along with connectors.  These handy items make a great way to save time on charging your Lipos with the ParaBoard.

Climb-Out are now distributing Hard One Pinions

Climb Out are pleased to be distributing Hard One Pinions throughout the UK &  Ireland.  Hard One Pinions offer a wide range of highly accurate pinions for most electric applications from 450 size machine up to 90 size electric.  Hard One Pinions use special steel alloys and are hardened for ultimate strength and durability. They are also manufactured to extremely tight tolerances for smoother running and lower wear.

Climb-Out are now distributing EDGE Blades






Climb Out are pleased to announce that we are now distributing Edge Rotor Blades throughout the UK & Ireland.  Edge Blades have become well established for offering high performance for 3D flyers around the world and are available in a wide range of sizes and applications including night main blades & tail rotor versions.  Edge blades have won some of the worlds most prestigious competitions including the 3D Masters, Zone Format and many more this year.

ALeeS RC Rush 750 Helicopter Kit Now in Stock!!


Introducing the first worldwide specs of this new ground breaking 700-750 class helicopter.Designed and engineered by Charley Stephens, designer of many mainstream helicopters and aftermarket parts has done it again, and brought his industry insight to produce one of the best 700 class helicopters on the market to date.

Supporting 690mm/710mm sized blades stock, ALeeS RC are also working on a conversion kit to run 750+ sized blades shortly after initial release. Battery systems are able to provide enough room to run the system on multiple combination’s, up to 14S power ratios.

Please contact us for more information.






Climb-Out & Spin Blades will be at the 3D Champs 28th-30th September 2012



Scorpion Backup Guard coming soon!

Synergy E6/7 TT Conversion Kit Released







The release of the E6/7 Torque Tube Conversion Kit is here. The E6/7 TT Conversion Kit Retail Price is £160.00.  Grab a kit from your favorite Synergy dealer and enjoy this high quality upgrade! Please be sure to read the manual in its entirety before assembling. The manual is short and sweet but there are some very important information regarding the build that will make your life much easier.

For any more info please get in touch with us here at Climb-Out via phone on: 0208 6688335 or via email at:

Model Heli Services are now the exclusive Synergy dealer in Ireland


Model Heli Services in Ireland, are now the exclusive and sole distributors of Synergy Helicopters in Ireland.  If you are interested in this top quality Heli brand and many others please contact them below.   They do ship to the UK as well for very reasonable prices.


Shop Number: 065-6839512

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